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Architectural Color Photography

I have my own photography museum, of sorts.  I was commissioned to provide 2’x3′ prints of my work for the Cupples Station Apartments.  They’ve hung in the hallways since Spring 2006.  The greatest compliment?  People have stolen several right off the walls!  Here’s more of the story.

Here are all of the commissioned prints, shown in their poster format.  Click a photo to enlarge.

Arsenal Street

Band Box Cleaners

Charles Schmitt

Cross Keys

Dellwood Buick

Downtown St


Glasgow Village

JC Penney

Jennings Hardware

Lake Forest

Mr Yummys

Natural Bridge


Nothland Stairs

Phillips 66

Resurrection Church

River Roads

South Grand

South Hampton

Tower Grove Ave


Wellston Mondrian

Black & White Building Portfolio

Rock & Roll Portfolio